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The redesigned Modero G5 10.1-In. Tabletop Touch Panel is a premium user interface affordable enough to use in any space. Designed specifically for dedicated room control, this elegantly-styled touch panel provides fast and smooth animations and transitions, along with a quad-core processor that provides more than enough processing power to run the most demanding applications today and in the future. Modero G5 also includes a built-in web browser and document viewers, enabling users to access real-time. This control panel features capacitive touch, powerful Quad-Core processing, and multi-touch capabilities. The distinctive, low-profile design is engineered to sit perfectly on a table without obstructing views, and comes with a variety of mounting options for added security and convenience. Bring the Modero G5 tabletop touch panel to your conference room, lecture hall, theater, bedroom, home officer, and more.

FG5969-47 MT-1002 10.1" Modero G5 Tabletop Touch Panel

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