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New and unused monitor product, interface & temperature using a single Resistive Level Sensor.  Up to a 10-year battery life.  Flex (PTFE) or rigid (316 SS) sensor option.  Multiple liquid compatibility.  Sensor only requires a one-time calibration.  Installs in minutes: Quick Connect  eliminates sensor wiring error and hassle.  Highly resistant to H2S damage, scaling, and paraffin buildup.  Self-contained, rugged design, IP66.  Sensor supports a wide temperature range.  Technical details: ± 1/8” accuracy on 1/4“ sensor* (T option); *API 18.2-compliant; ± 1/4” accuracy on 1/2“ sensor.

OleumTech Level Transceivers – P/N: SM5000-RL1

$955.78 Regular Price
$850.00Sale Price
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