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New and unused. Whether setting the Adapter Ring in a ring or line format, assembly is easier than ever. Requiring one tool, connecting and disconnecting is simple and easy. This design also includes an aluminum clamp with threaded screw holes, eliminating the need for nuts.


DL-AR Includes:

  • ARMDHD1 Interseries Adapter Micro HDMI "D" Male to HDMI "A" Female (ARMDHD)
  • ARDPHD1 Interseries adapter Full sized DisplayPort male to HDMI female (ARDPHD)
  • ARMCHD1 Interseries Adapter Mini HDMI "C" Male to HDMI "A" Female (ARMCHD)
  • ARMDPHD1 Interseries Adapter Mini-DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female for Thunderbolt® (ARMDPHD)
  • ARDVHD1 Interseries adapter for DVI Digital male to HDMI Female (ARDVHD)
  • DL-CL21 Adapter Line Clamp and Security Cable

Liberty Universal HDMI Adapter Ring Complete Assembly with 5 Adapters

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