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The Extron SW VGA ARS is a four input VGA switcher with stereo audio. It provides video signal switching between multiple, high-resolution computer video or HDTV component video sources and a single display. The switcher provides 350 MHz (‑3 dB) RGB video bandwidth and are compatible with VGA‑QXGA and HDTV component video signals. SW VGA features auto-input switching, input signal sensing, and active computer audio buffering. Multiple control capabilities that include front panel, RS‑232, contact closure, and an optional Extron IR 102 handheld remote control allow for ease of integration into a variety of environments. Auto-input switching automatically switches to the highest-numbered input with an active video signal, eliminating the need for manual switching. Input signal sensing detects which inputs have an active signal and sends this input confirmation through the RS‑232 port to the control system. SW VGA switchers offer active computer audio buffering, which converts unbalanced computer audio to balanced, line‑level signals to eliminate noise over long cable runs. They accept computer audio on 3.5 mm mini stereo jacks for fast, easy connection with pre‑terminated Extron VGA and audio cables. Balanced or unbalanced audio is available on captive screw connectors. The SW VGA ARS is housed in 1U, rack-mountable metal enclosures.

Extron SW4 VGA ARS, PN: 60-258-22

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