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The Extron MVGA-A M-M flexible cable assemblies are designed for applications that require high performance transmission of VGA video and analog audio signals. All ID bits and +5VDC power on Pin 9 are passed through, provided the computer has a graphics card that complies with VESA DDC standard, version 3. The Extron MVGA-A M-M utilizes an extremely thin cable with low-profile 15-pin HD male molded connectors and audio cables with 3.5 mm mini plugs. On one side, the audio cable is 24 inches long, and on the other side, the audio cable is 8 inches long. The Extron MVGA-A M-M cable is certified for use with AVEdge, Cable Cubby, and HSA surface access enclosures.

Extron MVGA-A M-M 25’ Male to Male 15-pin HD Micro HR with Audio cables, PN: 26-

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