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New and unused.  The Solecis AVB-DA-RGBHV-0106 1:6 RGBHV Distribution Amplifier (FG1340-4516-01) is a 1 in, 6 out RGB HV distribution amplifier on BNC connectors with high performance wide bandwidth circuitry.  The AVB-DA-RGBHV-0106 is excellent for RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, YUV, and composite video. For connection to long cable runs, outputs are 75 ohm driven.  The AVB-DA-RGBHV-0106 is housed in a 1U metal enclosure and features an internal 100-240V power supply.

AMX SOLECIS Distribution Amplifier – P/N: FG1340-1200-01

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