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The DXLink Multi-Format Wallplate Transmitter sends analog or digital video including HDMI/HDCP, along with embedded audio or supplemental analog audio up to 100 meters to an Enova DGX Matrix Switcher, compatible Enova DVX All-InOne Presentation Switcher, or directly to a DXLink Receiver. It receives power from the Enova DGX or Enova DVX (3155HD, 3156HD or 2155HD) PS-POE-AT-TC High Power PoE Injector or PDXL-2 Dual Power over DXLink Controller over the twisted pair cable and features both a multi-format analog port to support legacy devices and an HDMI port to support newer digital devices.

AMX Multi-Format Wall Transmitter – P/N: FG1010-320-BL

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